Stephen & Fiora 2017

NaFsiora Duo - Ac(ro)cordion

African Acrobatics and Accordion 

Stephen & Fiora

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- June 18 - Beemster Fortfair, Middenbeemster, Holland 11.00 and 15.00

- June 23 - Waldorf School Court-Saint-Etienne, Belgium (not for public)

- June 24 - All Mellow Straatmuziekfestival, Almelo, Holland 14.15 and 15.30

- June 24 - Mooi Weer Spelen, Delft, Holland 20.30

- June 25 - Mooi Weer Spelen, Delft, Holland 13.30, 15.00, 16.30

- June 26 - Grotius College, Delft, Holland (not for public)

- June 29-July 1 - With Circus Zanzara in Lier, Belgium

- July 5 - Berkelschool Zutphen, Holland (not for public)

- August 4-6- San Marino International Streetfestival, Italy

- August 14-20 - Berlin Lacht Festival, Germany

- August 25-27 - With Circus Zanzara at Sint Rosa Festival Sittard, Holland

  • September 14-15 - Vrije School Michael, Zwolle, Holland (not for public)


An act full of African acrobatics, European accordion music, dance, humor, emotion and romance.

A unique and special collaboration between a Kenyan acrobat and a Dutch accordionist.

A combination of two completely different worlds. The accordion accompanies the act with beautiful music not being an obstacle to also combine it with acrobatics. But what if it becomes more and more intimate and the accordion is too much in between…

Through interaction with the audience, joking around and dancing together, Fiora and Stephen grow more and more together, concurring the borders of their different worlds.

Join the Bongo-bongo sensation!

the show is aimed in raising funds for Nafsi projects in Kenya

Stephen - Nafsi

Stephen Owino is a Kenyan acrobat, actor and dancer. Representing Nafsi Africa Acrobats, an organisation Stephen founded with his brothers. Nafsi provides acrobatic- dance- and music-lessons for kids from the slums of Nairobi, to give them a better future.

With passion, optimism and a driven mentality Nafsi moves a lot of people. Nafsi is also well known for their international performances, streetshows and workshops, with the aim of social development. 


Fiora Beuger is a musician and composer from Holland. She plays in theatre shows and in several bands and works for Circus Zanzara. As the accordionist of Amarins & le gatte negre, she travelled a lot through Europe to perform in (street)festivals.

NaFsiora Duo - Stephen & Fiora

Fiora and Stephen developed the ‘Ac(ro)cordion show’ during the European summer tour of Nafsi-trio and Fiora in summer 2016. The show was already featured in the streets of Croatia, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark, in Sint Roza festival in Holland and in the Christmas Circusshow 2016 of Circus Zanzara in Amsterdam. The show that was also trained in Kenya and was aimed t raise and facilitate the Nafsi street children programs in Kenya.

Ready to be presented in the rest of Europe in 2017!


At schools the show can be combined with a workshop. During the workshop we teach the kids some basic acrobatics and african dance in a playful way. Trust and collaboration are very important with acrobatics, kids really have to work together and with some exercises we build on trust and guts to prepare for basic acrobatic tricks.

Link to video and contact info:

Stephen & Fiora / Nafsiora Duo / / Tel: +31630519993