⦁"Takatka Show"Kids in Denmark (a SPOR Media project) organized a tour for eight youh and two coaches from Nafsi Africa Acrobats in Kenya to tour Denmark for 3 months in an artistic and cultural exchange program (AUGUST -OCTOBER)

⦁“Waldoni Circus Festival 2016” Three Nafsi youthtravel to Germany to participate inthis festival (APRIL)

⦁ “Nafsi meets Fiora” Members of Nafsi collaborate with Dutch musician Fiora, to put on a performance for the Nairobi Waldorf School. This production was later represented in a series of Waldorf schools in Holland and various festivals in Holland, Italy, Croatia, Denmark and Germany (JULY - SEPTEMBER)

⦁ “Circus Projekt Waldoni e.V.” Nafsi sends four youth to participate in this collaborative cultural exchange in Darmstadt, Germany (JUNE-AUGUST)

⦁ “Nafsi Peace Tour 2016” Nafsi performers, Kenneth, Patrick, Sammy and Bruce tour Europe for a cultural exchange and a multitude of performances (JULY-AUGUST)


⦁“Apollo Variety Show” Nafsi Trio are represented in a three-month exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany

⦁ “Zanzara circus Christmas show” Nafsi performs with a circus troope in Amsterdam (DECEMBER)

⦁ “Nafsi Peace Tour 2015”the Nafsi quartet and Nafsi Trio groups tour Europe for a series of exchanges and performances


⦁ “Circus Tvaers workshop” Nafsi hosts five youth from Denmark Denmark for a month exchange program where they joined workshops both as students and teachers

⦁“Kids in Denmark and Kinder Kultur Karawane” Nafsi brings nine youth on tour in Germany and Denmark for 3 months in an artistic and cultural exchange program.

⦁ “Nafsi Peace Tour 2014”Nafsi members tour Europe for a series of of exchanges and performances in Italy and Denmark (June - September)

⦁ “Circus Tabasamu training collaboration” Nafsi collaborates with the group from Holland to build a shelter and train children from the remote western region of Kisumu


⦁ Friends of the late Mariah Agnes fund Nafsi's weekly Street Children out outreach program for the third year in a row

⦁ DANIDA FUNDS CULTURE OF ARTS. Partnership with two artistic Danish organizations. Organization of the SOKO festival in KIBERA, Nairobi, Kenya.

⦁“Quonga festival in Denmark” Denmark, Norway and Italy

⦁“Berlin Latch Street Artist festival” Germany

⦁“Avignon theatre and street arts festival” Avignon, France

⦁“Porsgrunn theatre and street festival” Porsgrunn, Norway

⦁“Rome Juggling festival” Rome, Italy

⦁“Moving on” Nafsi collaborates with African Footprints International in various schools and cities around Denmark


⦁ Friends of the late Mariah Agnes funds Nafsi's weekly Street Children out outreach program for the second time

⦁ Organization of a Thai yoga massage classes in collaboration with Croatian Thai Yoga teachers

⦁ Organization of a series of workshops In Holland in collaboration with circus ELLEBORG (Amsterdam)

⦁ Berlin Latch Street Artist festival, (Germany)

⦁“Art Village Foggia” Working with migrants in Italy

⦁“Agape Ecumenical Center” Political camp on climate change and acrobatics workshops

⦁ Inter cultural exchange with families and youths in Turin, Italy.

⦁ Partnership with Amnesty international Rome.


Friends of the late Mariah Agnes initiate a Nafsi's weekly Street Children out outreach program

“Nafsi Peace Tour 2011”

⦁“Circustad festival Rotterdam” Holland

⦁“C’est is the Best festival Zagreb” Croatia

⦁“Ravenna music festival” Italy

⦁“Extreme Convention Antwerp Belgium


⦁ Three-month tour throughout Italy.

⦁“Agape Ecumenical Center” Political camp and acrobatics workshops


⦁ Acrobatics workshops and training with the Koinonia Muthunzi children home in Lusaka, Zambia

⦁ Performances in Norway to raise funds for the Red Cross Dinamo Story Norway

⦁ Pyramid of Peace initiative aiming at restoring Peace and preventing genocide in Kenya (

⦁“European Union Thematic Network forum” Travel to Lithuania and Latvia to attended the conference hosted by our online Forum- Minciu Sodas Laboratory.

⦁ Under K.C.D.F “Changamoto” funds run a Peace/ Poverty eradication awareness-raising Project “Viatu”

⦁ Managed to raise over 2000 shoes that were distributed through the Peace caravan running through the turmoil affected regions.

⦁“Agape Ecumenical Center” - Political camp on “Identities and boundaries” and acrobatics workshops

⦁ Two-month tour throughout Italy Milan, Torino, Lecce, Bari, Rome, Toscana, Pisa and Melpingano


⦁ A Mundial drama, dance and acrobatics Exchange program with Fonte school Holland .

⦁“Agape Ecumenical Center” CENTRE - Political camp on environmental conservation and acrobatics workshops

⦁ Workshops to Refugee children in Holland on invitation by the Circus capriool.

⦁ Exchange program in Tanzania and Ghana with cultural performance groups in Tanzania (Tunahaki children home and bagamoyo arts center) and Ghana(Niyam dancers).

⦁ Joined Yogis by participating in the Global Mala Peace Event in Nairobi.



⦁ A “Saana mapipani” (Arts in from the Binsjh). Under the K.C.D.F “Changamoto : empowerment Project for Street Children from which the documentary “Striding from the streets” was produceds.

⦁ A Performance of the show “Peace-Pace” in Bergamo, Milan, Mirandola, Matera and Florence.(Italy)

⦁ Workshops, master classes and participation in discussion forums, interviews in Televisions and made news