Millions of children in Kenya live in the streets as exploited laborers and face many hardships such as drug abuse, abandonment, sexual abuse and engagement in anti-social activities. Nafsi runs an arts training program in the impoverished areas of Nairobi. The trainers hold weekly training sessions in the streets and schools of these areas and teach the youths acrobatics, painting, dance and yoga as tools to reach out to the children. The challenges we constantly face include: the lack of educational resources in schools and the hardships these children go through on a daily basis. We are continuously working towards making the life of children and their communities better through use of arts and other related programs/projects.


•Bringing our artistic talents together under a common umbrella to raise awareness about community issues through the platform of performance

• Acting as role models and social activists for the community

• Tapping into and preserving talent and culture

• Reducing idleness, social injustice (e.g. drug abuse and crime) and poverty

•Implementing arts related projects to rehabilitate disadvantaged children


Our vision is to empower youths through:

• embracing their talents

• appreciating and being proud of our cultural heritage

• helping them to become role models that can act as catalysts of positive development for their community