Nafsi Africa and Fiora

Nafsi & Fiora - An energetic, interactive, humorist act full of breathtaking African acrobatics and European live music on accordion! A unique and special collaboration between three Kenyan acrobats and one Dutch accordionist.

Nafsi Africa Acrobats

In Nairobi the acrobats from Nafsi Africa Acrobats work with kids from the slums to give them a better future. With their passion, optimism and driven mentality they move a lot of people. They are also well known for their international performances, street shows and workshops, with the aim of social development. They are great performers and you will be flabbergasted with their salto’s and pyramids that they can put on every place. Some of the numerous festivals they did in Europe: Circomondo in Italy, Festival d’Avignon in France and Berlin Lacht in Germany.

Acrobats: Stephen Owino, Joel Kyalo, Dominic Kimau


Fiora Beuger is a musician and composer from Holland. She performs in theatre shows and in several bands. She sings, plays accordion and piano. As the accordionist of Amarins & le gatte negre, she has travelled a lot through Europe to perform in various festivals such as Ferrara Buskers Festival, Buskersfestival Neuchatel, Pflasterspektakel and Bardentreffen Nuremberg.

Nafsi & Fiora

In the Winter of 2015 the acrobats were invited to work with the Dutch Circus Zanzara in Amsterdam, Holland, where Fiora was also performing. This is where the special collaboration started. Fiora travelled to Kenya to develop an act together with Nafsi and they played for street kids and schools in Nairobi. This summer they want to concur the streets of Europe with their special quartet street act. In the 20-minute act, Fiora and her music are influencing the acrobats to dance and do tricks but all of the sudden everything turns around... A nice mixture of acrobatics, clowning, modern dance, humor, melancholy and uplifting dance and music.

Links to video’s: 

Nafsi & Fiora

Nafsi Trio