Open Park Training:

Nafsi offers open training in different locations of their outreach programs.

Central Park

in the heart of Nairobi is also a nice location within the Park. The artists from different locations come to experience and share each other skills in both Acrobatics and just basic fitness.

The trainings are for free for any willing party or individuals and they are conducted every Tuesday and Thursday mornings(9:30 to 12:00 pm) of the week.

Kariobangi South

Its one of the places where Nafsi also train children.

Its and open Field in the Eastland's side of Nairobi and has an open training every evening throughout the week.

Its beauty and location have made Nafsi choose Central Park as the perfect venue to reach out to youths all over the city as well as other wiling individuals.

 In the park, we share, train and gain acrobatics skills, fitness and enjoy team building.